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Absolute Pitch

Know the game

Absolute pitch is a app aimed at musicians, both begginners and professionals. Its main objective is to sharpen the user’s perception about the musical tones, making him perform a test, with different levels, in order to improve more and more.

The test works like this: the application will play a musical tone and hearing, the user will have to click the icon of the corresponding note. He can only make 2 mistakes to continue playing in the third error, the test finishes.

Absolute Pitch

Game modes

First mode

• The first is the Free mode, where the user can practice at will, because this mode does not display the score, that way if you miss the tone that was played, he will be informed that missed, but he can continue as long as he desire. And also the user choose whether to play with all the sounds (including sharps) or if he just wants the seven natural notes.

Second mode

• The second is the Normal mode, where the user will practice only with the seven natural notes.

Third mode

• The third is the Hard mode, where the user is more challenging, since the user will have to distinguish between sharps tones.

Fourth mode

• The fourth is the Insane mode where the application will play a sequence of tones, and the user has to click on the buttons that correspond respectively to the tones played. At this level the user will choose whether to play with all the sounds (including sharps) or if you just want the seven natural notes.

Absolute Pitch

What is the library?

In the library the user has access to all musical tones available and can hear them as often as desired.

Game modes




Absolute Pitch

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